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Occupation: Creative Director

Instagram Handle: @stopitrightnow

What did you want to be when you grew up as a child? I think my first choice was waitress (which I accomplished) and then fashion designer from junior high onward (also accomplished!).

What is the earliest memory you have? I have fuzzy memories of getting my ears pierced when I was one, which I find absolutely bizarre.

Do you think it is possible to be fully ready for a baby? LOL no. There are certainly things that make life exponentially easier when having a baby -- a partner, money, life experience -- but do I think those things make you "ready"? Not necessarily. Even if you think you're emotionally ready, there are just so many layers you can't anticipate. That said, my husband and I kept telling ourselves humans have been doing this for thousands of years so if we have diapers and milk we'll figure out the rest.

What do you look for in baby/kids clothes? I look to friends for hand me downs. I look for quality materials. I try to stay away from synthetics. I definitely look at price because kids clothes can be shockingly expensive for how tiny they are lol. Plus it adds up shopping for two! Above all try to buy consciously and as little as possible.

What do you like about Yay For You? Love the use of deadstock fabrics!

What is your favorite piece from YFY? I'm eyeing those custom vintage napkin onesies...

What type of traditions do you hope to make for your daughters? More than big holiday type traditions, I'm aiming for things like always eating dinner together, Sunday dinners with extended family, things we eat while camping, just regular life stuff.

What is one tradition you remember from your childhood? My parents had a group of friends who would meet the last Saturday of every month taking turns at one family's house each time. We'd go on camping trips, hold graduation ceremonies, throw big group birthdays by month. Even if I'd drag my feet going in my teen years, looking back on it, it was pretty great that they were able to do that with their friends and I'd like to be able to do that with mine and all of our kids.

What is one thing you learned from your pregnancy or from motherhood? I've finally begun to understand just how much my parents did for me while facing so much adversity. humans have been doing this for thousands of years so if we have diapers and milk, we'll figure out the rest


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