Caroline Corinth

by riley suchanek

Occupation: Model

Instagram Handle: @Carolinecorinth


What did you want to be when you grew up as a child?
hairdresser or journalist


What is the earliest memory you have?
Picking elderflowers for juice in my grandparents garden with my mom. The Elderflower tree was big and had roots in the neighbours garden, so we had to sit on our house’s roof to pick them. It felt a bit illegal and very exciting.


Do you think it is possible to be fully ready for a baby?
no. A baby is an unexpected thing even when its planned. You can buy all baby things in the world, but once you have your child in your hands a new journey starts. There are so many new feelings you have to cope with as a parent - and at the same time you have a new human being who you need to get to know. Its the most crazy and beautiful journey. 


What do you look for in baby clothes?
sustainability, good quality, non itchy, humor and great colours.


What do you like about Yay For You?
Yay for you fulfills what I look for in baby clothes. And I think in particular they have great colours! Reminds me a bit of my own baby clothes from the 90’s <3 


What is your favorite piece from YFY?
The blue Check Ernie. I love dressing Carl in unisex pieces. 


What type of traditions do you hope to make for your baby/children?
I lost my mom in February 2020. Her ashes is spread over the sea. On her birthday I wanna go to her favourite spot were she used to swim and put her favourite flowers in the sea with Carl. We have to celebrate grandmoms birthday.
And of course elderflower picking in my grandparents garden. 


What is one tradition you remember from your childhood?
Christmas decorating our home at December 1st. Same decorations had to be the same places every year. 


What is one thing you learned from your pregnancies or from motherhood?
During my pregnancy I learned to listen to my body and I did exactly what it needed. When Carl came I learned to be less selfish. He’s needs are always over mine - and its ok. But I really need a massage soon. Haha.

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