Evelina Kroon

by riley suchanek

Occupation: Artist 

Instagram handle: @evelina.kroon


How has motherhood changed you?

I’ve been more grateful, less self-centered (I think?), more neurotic, overall more in touch with my feelings, good and bad ones. 


Did you always want to be a mom?



What do you look for in baby/kids clothes?

Quality, sustainability, good materials, nice patterns, unisex, playfulness. Not to be condescending, but Yay for you baby is exactly all that!


What is one tradition from your childhood you would like to carry on? Or any new traditions you want to make for your family?

Kimchi, Puttanesca, pizzaiola, potato buns (swenglish word for ”potatisplättar”) etc etc. My family traditions revolve around f o o d and that is something I will carry on to my daughters. A decent meal and loud conversations with family and friends. 


Do you think it is possible to be fully ready for a baby?

Absolutely not, but it’s not something you can or should be, or wait for to happen. You will learn along the way and that’s a good thing. 


What is the earliest memory you have from childhood?

No lie, I have super early childhood memories, one of the earliest is how it felt not to be able to get out of the crib. Also scents, like the parfume of my daycare teacher, my grand grandmothers meatballs and so on. 

What did you want to be when you grew up as a child?

A busdriver, pizza baker (if that’s a word in english?) or president 


What is one thing you would like to say to new moms everywhere?

Surrender and you will be fine. And also, that time flies! It really does. A good thing to keep in mind for good days (try to be in the moment) AND bad days (soon it will be over). 


What is the funniest moment of motherhood?

Having conversations with your 2.5 year old and having the privilege to be invited/get glimpses of her fantastic intelligent brain and view of the world.

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