by riley suchanek

Occupation: Head of Design at Madewell
Instagram Handle: @joycejjoyce_

What did you want to be when you grew up as a child?
I always wanted to be a designer - I had a specific obsession with shoes…


What is the earliest memory you have?
One of my favorite memories is of when I was about 5, and really wanted a pair of jelly shoes.  My mom was adamant about not getting me plastic shoes, so I remember making myself a pair, repurposing soda can rings, and scotch tape.  It was fun, but they didn't last very long!


Do you think it is possible to be fully ready for a baby?
I think that means different things for different people, but I feel like it's impossible to understand everything involved with having a new baby until it happens!  I found that no matter how much people told me, it didn't really mean anything until I started living through it!

What do you look for in baby clothes?
I am always excited about color and workmanship, fabrics that are interesting, comfortable, and high quality, because I value being able to pass the pieces on to keep it circular. 


What do you like about Yay For You?
I'm passionate with upcycling in general, and when things can be repurposed in beautiful, timeless and super cool styles, what's not to love??? 


What is your favorite piece from YFY?
I adore the Ernie in the floral - it's incredible!!  Always love a one-piece, whether it's for my kids of for myself :) 


What type of traditions do you hope to make for your baby/children?
I like having special one-on-one time with each of my children.  And I can tell how much it means to my now 6 year old - she gets super excited when it's a "girls-only date".  Recently, we did a swim and ice cream date :)


What is one tradition you remember from your childhood?
I loved visiting our family abroad in Hong Kong - it always felt like a family ritual - the long flight, then squeezing into my grandparent's flat, eating lots of family meals together with a giant lazy susan at the table, and getting to spend time with all my cousins going on adventures around the city!


What is one thing you learned from your pregnancies or from motherhood?
I've learned so much so far, but I think the thing that really stands out the most, is how much I learn from my kids as I parent them.  I love living life through them now - discovering things through a different lens is magical.

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