by riley suchanek

Occupation: Art Direktion, Grafik Design und Illustration

Instagram: @swantjeundfrieda


1. What did you want to be when you grew up as a child?

I always wanted be an artist/graphic designer and made it!


2. What is the earliest memory you have

I must have been four and I remember a lot from that age. Cutting Christmas stars in the kindergarden, bathing in the shower tub on a vacation on a Northsea Island, listening to the »Bärenorchester« tape every sunday morning in my bed …


3. Tell us about your career and current projects.

I think my »career« or the feeling of finally being able to be me began with my studies of graphic design back in 2002. There were likeminded people and I felt understood, which wasn’t the case when being in school. I always felt different (now I know it’s because of my high sensitivity) and during my studies, being different was just great. After my diploma everything somehow found it’s place. My entrepreneurship, my clients finding me. I’ve never done any acquisition. On a different note, that doesn’t mean it all hasn’t been a lot of work and effort. But I still love what I do and couldn’t think of anything better.


4. What do you look for in baby clothes?

I’m buying the most clothes second hand and if it’s new it’s important that it is sustainable, unique and organic.


5. What do you like about Yay For You?

Definitely it’s uniqueness and the general idea to give preloved items a new life.


6. How do you get inspired to create a space?

A question I’m always asked in interviews, haha. It depends on my daily mood and it’s mostly everything and nothing. One day it’s people that inspire me and on the other day it’s a stone lying by the wayside or a tree where I see a face in it. Also since I have emotional synesthesia and colors are connected to emotions in my brain, it’s always colors and my intuition that inspire me most.


7. Are there things from your upbringing that you’re consciously trying to incorporate into your parenting?

I’ve had a very turbulent and chaotic childhood, but always felt loved. So for now and forever this is my Nr. 1 to incorporate into my parenting. All the other things will find their way.


8. What is one tradition you remember from your childhood?

Fresh croissants on Sundays.


9. What’s your philosophy when it comes to designing your own space?

Trust your intuition, listen to your gut feeling.


10. How are you preparing for motherhood?

same as previous answer

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